Over the years I have developed a system. I always weave with the thought that what I am creating is for me to keep.

I found it works well and actually makes each item more personal with each step. It helps me choose colours that I think work well, it helps me combine patterns and designs, and the end result is always a bit of a ‘oh….it’s lovely’ moment when I finish it off.

The magic for me is when people come to the stall that I have (with Wild Rumpus or at Coledale Markets) and have a look at what I have made.  Some unknown magic makes them reach, almost instinctively, for something of a similar hue to what they have on at the time. I love watching people look at the first item, then to another and another, and then almost like an unseen force they guide themselves back to their first choice. Generally speaking, when this happens, they buy it.

And I am always profoundly happy, because I know that little bit of me that I put into that creation has found the right home and the piece will be loved.

Although this sounds cheesy, it really works like that for me. I don’t mass produce items. Each item is a one-of-its-kind 😉 and special in its own right. Limited edition right there. I should honour that more and am going to write some tags to go with each item, listing the processes I went through to create the item, and the hours it took. Not for validation of the price I charge, but perhaps so that people can see, and honour the process a little more.


I waffle.

What I am trying to say is that often, people purchase a loom&arty creation that I really did make for myself. That I promise myself I won’t sell. I wear it. Someone likes it. They love it. They want it. And because I think that’s so lovely I sell it to them. Thinking that I will make another.


But of course I don’t. Because they are limited editions. Not repeatable. Couldn’t be if I tried.

With this in mind, I had a look at my wall of wonder (see previous post) and noticed that I was missing one of my favourite colours…..vibrant grass greens….such an uplifting colour to me. I really seem to have different items of the colour but not a cowl.


So I set about warping up what I really loved.

It was a beast to warp for some reason – tension was all wrong and I had to do some seriously talking to myself NOT to GET THE SCISSORS OUT and snip it all into the bin.


But then the magic happened. And each section was more enjoyable than the last.


And Now I have my own limited edition grass green cowl.

Just for me.




Just for me.

(No you can’t have it).


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